Uee in Hugo’s Love

Hey guy! Kennie here and today I’m gonna talk about Uee and her role in the drama Hugo’s Love!

Hugo’s love follows a young boy who has no luck with girlfriends. All his girlfriends have ended up taking advantage of his kind nature by enjoying the perks of dating him and them friend-zoning him afterwards. He has a crush on the school’s female athlete Dohee, who was the most popular girl in school. He goes to their high school reunion some years later with hope to see her again, and finds out that she remembers him! He takes the opportunity to get to know her better and finds out that she has a secret that she wants to keep buried!

Uee plays the character of Dohee in this drama. Dohee is a strong willed girl who is extremely competitive and hates to lose. She has a tendency to cuss a lot and her behavior seems almost bazaar at times, with one seen she unzips her jacket to reveal that she is only wearing her bra underneath it. Instead of feeling embarrassed or shy that she has shown the class her undergarment she instead yells at them asking if they have never seen a bra before. Uee plays such a powerful part in this drama and her acting showed it. Some of her scenes were so heartwarming it made you feel warm and fuzzy inside, while others were so heartbreaking they left you in tears!

Have you seen Hogu’s Love? If so let us know what you thought about Uee’s part in the comments below!


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