How To Keep A Mummy

How To Keep A Mummy is about a cute tiny mummy that resembles a marshmallow because of his fluffiness (and sometimes roundness). This small mummy was sent through the mail in a huge package, all the way from Egypt to Sora from his dad who is a self proclaimed adventurer. Sora’s dad left a letter with the packaged mummy, but it is no help at all in telling him how to take care of the mummy. Who would know what a tiny mummy is supposed to eat? Sora at first isn’t even sure if he is in fact going to keep this mummy, but he eventually warms up to him and keeps him. The whole story shows how Sora figures out each step to caring for this tiny mummy that he has no knowledge of and becoming friends with it. The mummy likes to try and help with things that he is just too small for, he wanders and he is very clingy.

For everything in the How To Keep A Mummy series, we are looking at the anime which gives 12 episodes and the manga which gives us 4 volumes or 51 chapters, and each volume has a bonus story. There’s enough cuteness here to go around!

The anime and manga both follow the same storyline, but there are more volumes for the manga series that give more of the story than the 12 episodes of the anime. They are both worth watching and reading because the whole story is adorable and there are small differences in each one that are appreciated.

The manga art is in color which is pretty cool and it makes everything extra cute. At the end of each chapter of the manga, there are one or two pieces of watercolor looking art and those are pretty nice to see. Some of them are funny because you can see the little mummy doing something silly. The manga also has a few segments of Sora’s notes that were taken about the mummy as he found stuff out and those are really cute too.

The anime is even sillier to watch because you can actually see the mummies awkward movements, hear the squishy sound he makes when he walks around and the cute small noises he makes. When the mummy cries you can see his little tears droop. Most importantly, you’re able to actually see the mummy be over dramatic when he’s not getting attention from Sora.

If you’ve seen or read How To Keep A Mummy, let us know what your favorite part is in the comments!

Manga Story and Art: Kakeru Utsugi

Anime Written By: Deko Akao

You can watch the anime series on Crunchyroll!


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