Fighting Foodons

Fighting Foodons, also known as Bistro Recipe, is about a land of culinary arts and where food is being turned into fighting monsters by Foodon chefs! It all started when a king asked his chefs if tofu surprise would be stronger or stuffed duck. The chefs thought the king was crazy, but a mysterious chef had presented to them Meal Tickets, which are the magical cards that can turn food into fighters. All of the monsters made were just doing some friendly competition fighting, no big deal. In the anime, we follow a boy named Chase who is an apprentice chef has a dream to be an Elite Master Chef like his father, and no one will stop him from his dream! But, King Gorge and his glutton empire want to rule the world, so they kidnap the greatest Foodon chefs around, including Chase’s dad! Now chase sets out with his little sister Kayla to rescue their father from one of King Gorge’s castles, but they have to be careful because there are other evil chefs out and about stirring up trouble. A wise old sorcerer named Oslo, who rides on a flying tea cup saucer helps Chase by giving him a meal ticket in return for saving his life.

Oslo the sorcerer

There are 26 episodes in the anime series, which was aired in 2002 on FoxBox (now 4Kids TV). Fighting Foodons is so much fun to watch, I greatly recommend seeing it if you haven’t already. If you have seen it, it’s also very fun to rewatch!

One of the best things about this anime is definitely the opening.

In case you watch the Fighting Foodons anime and just can’t get enough, the series also has a manga series and two video games that were released on Game Boy Color in the late 90s.

Sushi Ship


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