Ape Escape

Ape Escape is a really fun and cute PlayStation game where you play as Spike, a boy who has chase and capture an army of monkeys across time. These monkeys got a hold of intelligence boosting helmets and are trying to rewrite history. The monkey behind all of this is a white haired monkey named Specter, who put on the professors experimental helmet, which not only made him more intelligent, but it made him evil. The monkeys take over the professors lab and Specter uses the time machine to scatter monkeys at various points across time.

You are given a variety of gadgets to help you maneuver your way around the games obstacles and to reach the monkeys in each level. You’ll want to play this game with the volume on because the monkeys will make noises and that will help you find where they are hiding. Be ready when you find them because they don’t want to be had! They will run, shoot at you, punch at you, literally anything to not get caught. When you do take a hit, you lose a life, and you replenish that life bar by collecting cookies. The helmets have a little light at the top of them which will change color to let you know if the monkey has spotted you or if it’s spooked. The colors go from relaxed to alert in the colors blue, yellow and then red, in that order. Check out what color their shorts are to gauge each monkeys difficulty level. The colors are the same as the helmets, blue being the more chill monkey, yellow being the standard and red being the most difficult and aggressive. To clear each level, you have to catch a certain number of monkeys to move on to the next. You can re-enter each level as you get more gadgets to get to the monkeys you couldn’t previously reach.

The original game has 3 mini games that you can unlock. They are worth trying out when you play this game.

There is a good handful of Ape Escape games that are available to play! There are 3 other games for the main series: Ape Escape 2, Ape Escape: On The Loose and Ape Escape 3. The series has 5 spin offs, all of them with the exception of one were only released in Japan and a good chunk of these games are for the PSP. Lastly, there are 5 Party Games. That’s about as bananas as this series!

This game is pretty silly but it is worth a play. Sometimes the game can be challenging. The boss battle monkeys are a need to see. Who doesn’t want to see monkeys in a helmet in shorts dance?

There is also a series of computer generated anime shorts based off of this game!

Here, you can watch episodes 1-10

Let us know what your favorite Ape Escape boss is down in the comments below! Hopefully, you might add this game to your play list if you haven’t at least gotten your hands on one of the games yet.


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