How One Man Became ‘Loco’

Kwon Hyuk Woo was born on Christmas day in the year 1989 making him a Capricorn! He’s a blood type A and is 175 cm (around 5’9″) tall.  He was born in Seoul, South Korea and attended Hongik University, specifically their Department of Economics.

Loco 1
Hyuk Woo has a lot of experience with the hip-hop genre.  In high school, he formed a group called Satgotbong and when performing, they would wear sauna clothes to set them apart from other groups.  A few years later, he would gain the stage name ‘Loco’ (meaning crazy) because he used to drink a lot and get really hyped up before shows.

Loco was a contestant on the very first season of Show Me the Money where he would wow the judges with his rap skills and his will to succeed.  He won the competition and shortly after joined the crew VV:D whose members included Crush, Zion.T, Gray, and Elo.  His participation in this crew gave him even more notice and he signed to Jay Park’s AOMG, officially debuting as a solo artist September 4, 2012 with the single “See the Light”.

Loco 2

Appearing in television shows such as Hyena on the Keyboard, It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets, and Show Me the Money 4 as a judge, Loco quickly gained popularity.  He’s collaborated with artists such as Baekhyun, Hyomin, Sam Kim as well as featured in several songs with other artists.  Loco has also lent his voice to The VirusMy Lovely GirlThe Girl Who Sees SmellsMoon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and Memories of the Alhambra for OSTs.

You can follow Loco on Twitter and Instagram to keep updated with his activities, though it may be awhile until he posts since he enlisted in the military February 7th of this year.  And don’t forget to keep up with us this week as we highlight Loco and his many accomplishments!

~ Jordan

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