SMTM: Loco’s Start

For those of us that are into KHH (Korean Hip Hop) most are pretty familiar with the show, Show Me The Money (SMTM). It’s a pretty fierce competition program where idol rappers and street rappers alike battle it out for a chance to prove their skills. Loco of AOMG was actually a participant in the first season. Back then, he was just a rookie, but by the end of the season, everyone involved with the program knew his name. Under the guidance of Double K (of Mad Soul Child), Loco managed to stand center stage as the first season’s winner. If you haven’t listened to their winning collaboration, “Home” please go check it out. It’s very moving and it’s not difficult to see why this talented man made it to the winner’s spot.


The show’s purpose was to 1) show that idol rappers do possess some real talent, and 2) give rookie rappers and street rappers a chance to get their name out there. As season 1’s winner, Loco was able to do just that. After the show was over, Loco was signed on with AOMG and began to release his own music. His name is now associated with one of the biggest companies in the KHH industry.

In season 4, Loco returned to the program, but this time as part of the two man producer team with AOMG’s founder and CEO, Jay Park. The pair guided talented rappers such as Lil Boi from Geeks, Sik-k (who later signed on with Jay Park’s other company, H1GHR Music), Geegooin from Ameoba Culture (the company that Crush once belonged to, as well as artists like Dynamic Duo and Zion.T), and DayDay from the idol group DMTN.

Even with such talented artists and the fun, but professional production duo, team AOMG only made it to the top 6 with their artist Lil Boi, but were eliminated before the semi-finals. Team Brand New’s artist Basick ended up walking away the winner that season.

Show Me The Money ended up being the catalyst for Loco’s career. And he’s proven over these last six years why he was season 1’s winner. With season 8 just starting, maybe we’ll see the start of another rookie rapper’s amazing career.

~ Kimi

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