Loco’s Features: Summer Vibe Edition

Not only is Loco an extremely talented solo artist, he also features in a lot of amazing songs with other artists!

That Girl – Yonghwa

This song is a great song for the summer! I’ve gotta admit I never expected to hear Yonghwa with Loco but I fell in love with the song as soon as I heard it.  The stylist and the choreographer really showed up to play and Loco’s voice paired with Yonghwa’s vocals really set a playful mood.  You just can’t help but to smile.

Can’t Help Myself – Eric Nam

Another great song for the summer, Eric Nam shows us his fun side as he tries to woo a girl with magic.  You don’t really see Loco in this video but his distinctive rap shines through and serves as a nice contrast to Eric’s floating vocals.  This is another combo that I hadn’t really thought of before but once I heard them together, I couldn’t deny how good they sounded.

My Last – Jay Park and Gray

I love when Loco works with his AOMG label mates! Loco works so well with Jay Park and Gray that I always get really excited when I see them release a new song together.  My Last is one of those songs that gets stuck in my head a lot and I can’t relax until I’ve listened to it XD As if this combination wasn’t enough to prompt you to watch the video, it helps that Jay Park is wandering around shirtless most of the video.

All I Wanna Do – Jay Park, Hoody, and 1MILLION

Last but certainly not least, All I Wanna Do features both Loco and Hoody plus the talented dancers of 1MILLION! I can’t imagine Loco not being in this song honestly.  He just has a way of being integral to any song that he’s in that it’s hard to imagine him not being there.  With this song, you get to see some of Loco’s moves and it makes me smile to see him having so much fun!

What do you guys think?  Do you have a favorite song that Loco is featured in?

~ Jordan

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