Distant Sky

img_1730This story introduces readers with a high school student named Haneul who wakes up after being unconscious, and right off the bat, the story throws everything that’s going on to the table. The city of Seoul is underground, from some sort of disaster, everything is set in inky darkness, and everyone around him is dead. There are flesh eating bugs that look like maggots, various things falling from the sky like trains and mud and then there are chainsaw wielding maniacs. Haneul however, does find another survivor named Heyool, a girl who is also a high school student, shortly after he regains consciousness. There are mysterious written signs everywhere that say “Look up at the distant sky” , “Reach the distant sky” or “Who is the distant sky”. Throughout the chaos around him, Haneul is determined to figure out what happened and to find any people that may have survived, especially after he sees the reoccurring signs.

I absolutely loved reading this webcomic and highly recommend giving it a read. There is so much going on and so much mystery that it keeps the story interesting and going at a fast pace, since our character Haneul here not only has to figure out what happened and what’s going on, but he has to survive a good handful of other things like the maniacs and simple things like lack of food and water. Inwan Youn and Sunhee Kim did an excellent job at creating the atmosphere for this story together. The art is very dark and creepy, but it does go with the story as it should. It did not disappoint.

You can read this webcomic here!

Story By: Inwan Youn

Art By: Sunhee Kim


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