Loco’s Television Career

Korean television is filled with competition programs and variety shows. One such program helped launch Loco’s career. In season one of Show Me The Money, Loco was a rookie rapper that walked away from the show and landed a contract with AOMG, the largest Korean Hip-Hop company. In season four, he returned with Jay Park as a mentor for the new round of contestants.

Besides SMTM, Loco also appeared on another competition program. In 2018, he and fellow AOMG artist, Gray, competed against other artists, like Lovelyz, iKon, and Wheesung with a crowd of 300 fans in a performance competition called The Battle of One Voice: 300. The duo made it to the finals, but lost out to Yoon Min-soo in the end


Besides competition programs, Loco has also made a brief appearance on Korea’s Saturday Night Live with the AOMG’s special segment of “3 Minute Boyfriend”, a hilarious skit of microwaveable instant boyfriends that seem too good to be true, but with hilarious hitches.

In 2018, he joined the cast of “It’s Dangerous Outside the Blankets” with various cast members like Winner’s Mino, EXO’s Xiumin, Speed Skater Kim Min-seok, and actor Kim Minseok. He joined the cast on adventures (or misadventures) across Korea, Jeju, and even Vietnam.

He also participated in the show, Hyena on the Keyboard. He was paired with his ideal girl, Mamamoo’s Hwasa, and were partnered to create and perform a song together. If you can only watch one show, this one would be it. Clips of him fanboying, being a general sweetheart, and watching how he works can all be seen in this show. With fellow artists like JB of Got7, Kim Taewon, and Kim Jongseo, the show is a great opportunity to see talented artists of all genres making magic.

Right now, Loco is serving as a public servant in the military, but I’m already looking forward to what he has to bring with his return.

~ Kimi

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