Panasonic’s Walking Fridge

Have you even been laying on the couch watching a movie and been so comfortable that you don’t want to move? Those times are literally the best and naturally as soon as you realize how comfortable you are, you realize your mouth is as dry as the Sahara.  Then you have to heave yourself up and start the arduous task of finding that good spot when you come back.

Well fear no more! Panasonic has the best solution to all of your problems! Meet the Walking Fridge:

Named Ku, this fridge responds to basic direction commands such as “Come to the living room” or “Go to the kitchen” and can see up to 6 inches in front of it using a combination of LIDAR technology and depth sensors to map your home.  It can also clear away dirty dishes and give you an inventory of everything currently inside it.

Unveiled in 2017, Panasonic revealed that the Walking Fridge is still in its prototype stage but that consumers could expect to see it on the market in five or six years.  We’re definitely going to keep our eyes out in the next couple years for this announcement!

~ Jordan

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