Kakegurui is about a school Hyakkaou Private University, which is a regular high-class school for the most wealthy people in Japan. By day the curriculum is your average history, language and other general classes, but then the school becomes a gambling den by night where students learn about handling money and hardcore gambling matches. The ones that win get more popularity and prestige. The students that lose get pet nicknames. “Pets” who end up not being able to clear their debts by the time they graduate, get “Life Schedules” which dictates their future while they pay their debts with their lives. Students are ranked by their monetary contributions to the student council rather than their grades or athletic abilities.

In the anime, we follow Yumeko Jabami, a pretty and seemingly cheerful second year transfer student who is ready to get into the gambling scene. However, she is not there to gain any sort of popularity or prestige in the school. Yumeko is simply a compulsive gambler and will put anything on the line to continue to gamble for fun! Yumeko is not as naive as she seems and has a very good ability to picking up the rules on how to play a game and most importantly see through gambling scams that are going on. Very soon, word of Yumeko spreads like a virus and catches the attention of the student council, who tries their best tricks and skill to shut her down.

This anime was a lot more interesting than I expected it to be. The gambling games that are played in this anime are pretty extreme and it is very interesting to see how each game is played and even more interesting to see Yumeko pick out the scams and then continue to play a rigged game because she is addicted to gambling. Some of the other students are pretty weird but interesting to learn about and it’s pretty cool when they team up for different matches that happen later in the anime. I recommend giving this anime a watch.

Kakegurui season 1 has 12 episodes. Kakegurui xx (Season 2) also has 12 episodes.

You can watch Kakegurui on Netflix!

Check out the trailer here too!

If you have watched or are currently watching Kakegurui, let us know in the comments what your favorite gambling game is!


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