Machi Koro (Dice Town)

Machi Koro is a light and casual card/dice game where you build a your city. A better city than your opponents! You can have 2-4 players and the game gives about 30 minutes of play time. You’ll love this game if you need a fast paced game rather than a slower moving game. This game is pretty easy to learn too and doesn’t come with an extensive rule book. Some people just don’t have patience for that, but that’s okay! The objective is to build all 4 of your landmarks before everyone else.


Each Player starts with the same two establishment cards (wheat field and bakery), 3 coins and 4 unbuilt landmarks which are face down. The players take turns clockwise after the first player starts the game.

To start, a player rolls one of their dice and then if a player has an establishment card that matches the number on the die roll, they earn the income listed on that card.

Players can buy 4 different types of landmark cards and each color has a different set of rules.

Blue: Earn money when anyone rolls a matching number.

Green: Earn money only when you roll a matching number.

Red: Earn money only when an opponent rolls a matching number. In this one, the money is stolen from the opponent.

Purple: Earn money from other players, but only when you roll a matching number.

Players buy these landmarks from the building market. If a player gets a set of the same card, they are both activated when their number is rolled.

That is all there is to this game. Everyone can have fun and the games will not take long, but the games will still be very enjoyable.

Here is a quick 3 minute tutorial on how to play Machi Koro.

Machi Koro also has a few expansions which would add different ways to play! The expansions for the most part follow the same rules as the original, with the exception of a few new rules. The list of expansions is Harbor Expansion, Millionaires Row, Deluxe Edition and Machi Koro Bright Lights, Big City.

If you’ve played Machi Koro, let us know in the comments what your favorite expansion is! If you haven’t played the game, add it to your play list and try out a quick game with a few friends!


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