Good Luck in Korea

Every culture has different ways of finding good luck.  Here in America, some of the most recognizable signs of good luck are rabbit’s feet, horseshoes, and four leaf clovers.  Have you ever wondered what could bring you good luck in Korea?


1.   Dragon

Dragons have always been a major symbol in Asian culture.  In Korea, it is believed that a dragon was the result of a phoenix and crane mating.  The dragon was said to have huge amounts of power and mystery so it is believed that they can ward off evil spirits.

2.   Carp

The carp represents continual rebirth and any who capture the interest and gain the protection of a carp are said to hold the keys to their own future.  A Carp lays thousands of eggs during its reproduction phase, therefore it is associated with great fertility and promise.

3.  Wild Goose

Do you often see geese in the wild on their own?  It’s not a common occurrence because geese are incredibly loyal animals.  As such, they have come to be associated with dedication and marriage.  Some people even believe them to be signs of loyalty and good luck when they see them.

4.   Cat

Cats have extraordinary abilities to see in the dark and, because of this, they can travel paths and see things we cannot in the darkness.  Cats are believed to be able to communicate with the evil spirits who lurk in the dark and are often seen as signs of protection against these evil spirits.

There are many other symbols of good luck in Korea including the tiger, peacock, cicada, butterfly, pheasant, etc.  My favorite one is either the dragon or the cat.  Which is your favorite?

~ Jordan

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