“Dancing President” Chungha

Chungha was born Kim Chanmi on February 9, 1996 though she later changed her name to Kim Chungha.  She moved to Dallas when she was young and lived there for 7 to 8 years which allowed her to become proficient in English.  She auditioned for YG then became a trainee for YG.  Chungha would go on to leave JYP and become a trainee at MNH Entertainment.

WifeIn January of 2016, Chungha became a contestant on Produce 101 and finished fourth place, debuting as a  member of I.O.I in May.  With their single Whatta Man, Chungha gained her nickname of “Dance President” because her choreography was chosen for the song.  I.O.I disbanded a few short months later and Chungha made her official solo debut June 7, 2017 with her album Hands on Me.

Since then she has thrived and her single album Gotta Go earned her very first music show win.  Chungha has collaborated with artists such as Babylon, Ravi, Yesung and Samuel Kim.  She also appeared in Pentagon’s Pretty Pretty MV and was a member of SM’s project group Station Young with Seulgi, SinB, and Soyeon.  She has also recorded several OSTs.  Chungha is set to rejoin I.O.I for their reunion comeback.

You can follow Chungha on Instagram and don’t forget to stay tuned with us this week to hear more about this beautiful and talented artist!

~ Jordan

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