Gozu and Mezu (牛頭 and 馬頭)

Mezu and GozuIn every mythology set, there are always myths about the guardians of Hell and its workers.  In Egypt there’s Anubis, Greece has Charon and the Cerberus……for Japan, it’s Gozu and Mezu.

Gozu is an ox headed demon and Mezu, his companion, is horse headed.  They are two of the generals who serve Enma, the Great King of Hell (Japan’s version of Hades or Egypt’s Osiris).  They have the strength to move mountains and are two of the strongest demons in Hell.

They are the first demons souls encounter in Jigoku and are in charge of hunting down anyone who manages to escape.  Gozu and Mezu oversee the torment of all the souls in Enma’s domain and are in charge of the torture chambers.

~ Jordan

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