Haunted House

Haunted House is a Horror/Comedy written by Mitsukazu Mihara, also the writer of the stories The Embalmer, Beautiful People and Doll.


In this story, we have Sabato, a teen trying to live a normal life. And then his flamboyantly gothic family is introduced immediately. He has two twin sisters who make voodoo dolls. His mother has an interest in dark poetry and his father is a banker. Sabato’s family is full of surprises and creepiness but all Sabato wants is for them to be a more normal family. Sabato tries to bring dates home and his dates run off because they can’t handle his creepy family. Though his family just really likes dark stuff. They never actually do anything bad. Sabato goes to his friend Suzuki with all of his family troubles and girl troubles caused by his family. Suzuki insists his family is actually pretty cool and they are just different and Sabato doesn’t realize it, but even though he gets teased quite a bit, his family does do things to help him out. The story gets funny because Sabato very clearly over exaggerates by saying things like he’s living in a nightmare or being tortured. Sabato eventually tries to dress like his family to “fit in” so that it’s easier on him and they let up a little, but then his family starts to think that there is something wrong with him because he isn’t being himself.

The story is very cute Addams Family type story and it really does have funny moments here and there but I also feel bad for poor Sabato sometimes. It has good humor in it which is important to me in reading a horror/comedy. I wish there were more installments and that it was made into a series, rather than just the one book because this is a really fun read. I’d love to see more of the family and see more of how his friend Suzuki interacts with Sabato’s family since he doesn’t think they are that bad. But at any rate, I am just really glad that I got to read this story.

If you’ve read Haunted House, let us know in the comments which family member is your favorite! I would tell you my favorite, but I kind of love them all.


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