QQ Sweeper

QQ Sweeper is a romance/supernatural manga with 3 volumes and a sequel Queen’s Quality which has 6 volumes.

The story follows a 16 year old girl named Fumi. She is homeless and suffers from amnesia but she sees things as positively as she can and hopes to one day find her “Prince Charming”. One day, Kyutaro Horikita who is a second year student that is a master at cleaning, finds her bunkering down in a secret unused room of the school that he goes to. Fumi is then captivated by a door that leads to the void that was in her room and she goes in. The void is a gateway of doors that lead to and link thousands of people’s minds. She is drawn to her classmate Sakaguchi’s door to his mind. However, Sakaguchi has created a bug infestation in his mind from tons of negative emotions. The bugs go after Fumi but Kyutaro gets there just in time to save her and clean up the mess of Sakaguchi’s mind.

The schools chairman sees Fumi’s talent of being able to see the doors of the void and cleaning, so he invites her as part of the Horikita family. They begin to explain what is going on and what she witnessed and that the Horikita family members are “Sweepers”, which are people that go into other people’s mind vaults and cleanse them of bug infestations. She is partnered with Kyutaro and proceeds her training in becoming a Sweeper. Durning her training, she finds a rare power inside herself the “Queen”, which allows her to have the ability to control the minds of others. That power however can be either good or evil and there are people that know this, that are trying to find Yumi and capture her so they can use her power for whatever plans they have. Throughout the story, Yumi struggles with romantic feelings that she begins to have for Kyutaro and she uncovers lost memories.

I think the concept of QQ Sweeper is very interesting and unique. It is about cleaning literally and supernaturally which is very cool. I am personally not one to pick up romance novels very often and I was happy to find that the story of QQ Sweeper had quite a bit of other plot lines and it wasn’t basically just a romance novel about people that clean stuff, but the bits of romance in this series are very cute. This story has so much more to it and you’d be missing out if you didn’t give this series a chance!


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