Endorsements by Chungha

Chungha’s growing popularity has won her several promotion and endorsement slots over the last two years. It started in 2017 with Nike, where Chungha starred next to F(x) artist Amber Liu and choreographer/ 1Million dance crew member Mary J Lee. She was also asked to model for several other different clothing lines and even contact lenses.

Even the electronics industry wanted Chungha to promote their products! While LG is not an uncommon customer for idol promoters, where Chungha promoted their U+ 5G networking, the unusual clients were video game marketers! Chungha was asked to endorse two popular korean video games Bosslave, an mmorpg similar to America’s Clash of Clans, and Sudden Attack, an online first person shooter game. This game was discontinued in the United States in January 2019.

One of the popular food advertising trends for idols is chicken! Korean fried chicken is beyond the level in comparison to other countries. Goljak Topokki Chicken jumped on this bandwagon in 2018, asking Chungha to be their brand model. Lotte Liquor also used Chungha’s face to promote their soju!

This year has not slowed down with wanting Chungha to promote their products. Clinique, one of Korea’s largest skincare and beauty product companies, asked her to be their global ambassador for the brand. Not only was one of Korea’s largest beauty companies out for Chungha’s influence, Sprite Korea hired her, along with actor Jang Kiyong for their summer’s campaign Dive Into Sprite. With it only being August, who knows where fans may see Chungha’s face next!

~ Kimi

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