Favorite Chungha Songs

Chungha has released so many amazing songs throughout her Career as a solo artist! It’s so hard to pick a favorite so I thought…..why not pick several!


Snapping is such a bop! I’ll admit when it first came out I wasn’t sure it was going to beat Gotta Go but I fell in love with it as soon as I first heard it! The song has so much attitude and it gives you a huge feeling of confidence. Chungha really outdid herself with this one and it’s one of my favorite songs to listen to!

Gotta Go

This is my all-time favorite Chungha song! The choreo is so powerful and Chubgha absolutely slays with this one. The rhythm is really catchy as well and I’ll often find this song stuck in my head whether I want it to be or not! Chungha really shows her dominant, sexy side with this song and it’s a really nice contrast with her more upbeat, carefree songs!

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster is just a fun song to listen to. I love the music video too! The neon/black light theme is so fun and it makes the video pop! This song is more lighthearted than the previous two and that makes it so much fun to listen to it. Chungha shines in this video; she’s absolutely stunning!

Love U

Chungha has such a clear tone to her voice when she sings and Love U showcases that perfectly. It’s a great song to listen to during the summer when you’re cruising down the road with all your windows down! This one is another really lighthearted song and the combination of the video and the melody give off the best summer vibe!

These are a few of my favorite Chungha songs! What song is your favorite?

~ Jordan

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