Puzzle Star BT21

Puzzle Star BT21 is a free to play puzzle game that you can play on your phone, released on 4/3/2018 by LINE Friends Corporation. In the game, the BT21 characters venture out on a quest to find the legendary song that will help them become a Universtar. The BT21 characters are:

Tata (V),

– Alien with a heart shaped head who is very unique and curious about everything.

RJ (Jin),

– Alpaca who is always kind and polite.

Chimmy (Jimin),

– Yellow puppy who is cute, friendly and full of enthusiasm. He always tries his best.

Cooky (Jungkook),

– Pink bunny that is tough and dreams of being strong.

Shooky (Suga),

– A magic cookie with special powers who fears milk.

Mang (J-Hope),

– Charismatic horse that dances and wears masks.

Koya (RM),

– Blue koala who is sleepy and smart. He is a deep thinker and his ears fall.



– Space Robot who is the protector of BT21.

In the Puzzle Star BT21 game, Van is not one of the characters that help you in the game and you don’t collect costumes for him. But you do see him in the game and he is cute! So he is worth knowing about.

The game includes 40+ episodes and 700+ stages. More maps and stories come with the games updates and new episodes are available every 2 weeks, so there is always something to play! If you enjoy collecting things in video games, you’ll be happy to find and collect the 200+ costumes for the BT21 characters!

The levels are cleared by drawing blocks to pop the ones around them. Each BT21 character has a different skill that you can use to your advantage and have them help you clear levels. All of those character costumes that you will collect in the game give the characters different abilities depending on the costume.

Puzzle Star BT21 is an easy to learn game and it is very chill and all kinds of cute! The game has so much to it which can make it addicting. It is pretty convenient that it is a game for your phone so you can play anywhere. The game is even more fun to play with friends! You can exchange hearts for the game with the friends you add. Hearts in the game are your ‘lives’ which allow you to play more levels. If you run out you’ll have to wait a few minutes for them to replenish so you can play again!

If you play Puzzle Star BT21, go ahead and leave your friend code in the comments!


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