Chibi Vampire (Karin)

Karin Makaa is a high schooler that came from a family of vampires! Unfortunately, she was born with a rare disorder polycythemia which causes her body to excessively produce blood. Because of this disorder, she gets faint and has nosebleeds all the time. In the anime, her nosebleeds happen at super silly and odd times so it makes the show pretty silly and cute. Don’t worry about Karin though, she has found a way to deal with her disorder. She just transfers her extra blood to other people rather than feeding off of people! This makes her “victims” feel much better and much happier than they were before Karin forced them to have some of her blood!

Not only has she found a way to deal with her disorder, but even though she is the oddball of her family, she has an easy time of being a high schooler despite her being a vampire. She can be out in the sun and she can follow the same sleeping patterns as regular humans and not have to sleep during the day.

Later in the story, we find out that Karin is known by vampires as a “psyche”, given her condition. This means that she can give life to other vampires and heal them. This great power is hunted by some vampires who decide to drain and kill any “psyche” as a sacrifice.

How could this story possibly be a romantic story? Well, Karin’s school gets a transfer student Kenta Usui. Anytime he goes anywhere near Karin, her blood increases! You can see this happening at some of the most odd times but those scenes are pretty funny. At first Karin tried to keep away from Kenta because of her more frequent blood production, but it’s a bit hard because they have the same class together and work in the same restaurant. Eventually they start hanging out more often and they start to fall in love, but are reluctant to express their feeling to each other.

All of this makes up a great romantic comedy and it is very cute with the sense of humor used to write the story. I also really enjoy the different spin on the Vampire category with Karin’s polycythemia. The story is very unique and the artists of both the manga series and the anime have made the characters as cute chibi style characters, despite the theme of vampires and the supernatural.

The Chibi Vampire anime (also known as Karin), has 24 episodes available to watch and is completed! I hope you get the chance to see this anime! If you have seen it, let us know in the comments, what your favorite nosebleed scene is!


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