Bad Luck and How to Avoid It

In the past few months, I’ve shown you how to be lucky but having just passed a Friday the 13th I thought it may be a good idea to talk about bad luck and how you can avoid it.Watermelon

Watermelons seem to be pretty unlucky in Asia; it would be a safe bet to just avoid them entirely honestly.  If you insist on eating watermelon, whatever you do don’t swallow the seeds! In Asia it is believed that if you swallow watermelon seeds a watermelon will sprout from the top of your head.  This made me laugh when I first saw it because my mom always told me when I was younger that if I swallowed a watermelon seed then a watermelon would start growing in my stomach.

Another watermelon superstition is not to eat them when you’re pregnant.  Chinese elders would caution expecting mothers not to eat watermelon because it caused an imbalance in the Qi and threw the Yin and Yang equilibrium all sorts of out of whack.


There also seems to be quite a few bad luck myths surrounding pregnancy.  Beyond the whole not eating watermelon schtick, we also have absolutely no squatting during pregnancy.  It is believed that if you squat while you’re pregnant then the baby will slip out! Another myth is not to do any construction or renovating to your home while you’re pregnant.  Any action of hammering, re-arranging furniture, or other construction/renovation type activities is believed to harm the baby’s spirit and should be avoided at all costs until after the baby is born.

~ Jordan


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