Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime)

Princess jellyfish is a 16 volume manga series with 81 chapters and a bonus manga. The first 12 volumes are released in English and may come in 2 in 1 editions which can make them more convenient.

In the story of Princess Jellyfish, Tsukimi Kurashita moves to an apartment complex called Amamizukan in Tokyo, with dreams of becoming an illustrator. Tsukimi has an obsession with jellyfish because she thinks they are super beautiful and because they remind her of being with her mother when they went to an aquarium. She knows all of the jellyfish facts that there is to know! The apartment she moved to has a no-men-allowed rule and is full of hardcore otaku girls who call themselves the Amars (the nuns). Each of the girls that live in this apartment have their own quirks and nerdy obsessions as well and it is super fun to see.

The story really takes off when Tsukimi walks past a pet store and, with her expert jellyfish knowledge, sees that the types of jellyfish that were put together in one tank, would cause one of those jelly’s to die. Tsukimi was not having that, so she goes to its rescue and, is helped along in that rescue by a beautifully dressed lady! Tsukimi ends up with the jellyfish that was in danger and she keeps it as a pet. She also fairly quickly learns that the beautiful lady that has helped her, was actually Kuranosuke! Kuranosuke is a cross-dresser who does so because he wants to feel closer and relate to his mom, but also stay away from the politics that his father who is a politician.

Tsukimi and Kuranosuke become friends and of course this means trouble for Tsukimi, who has to attempt to hide the fact that Kuranosuke is actually a man, when he is at Amamizukan!

Tsukimi is usually very flustered and shy when she sees Kuranosuke’s brother Shü who is 30. Later on in the story, Kuranosuke starts to have feelings for Tsukimi. All of this creating enough mystery and weird drama for a good romantic comedy!

Later on in the story, the Amamizukan is in danger of being torn down as part of a proposed redevelopment plan. At this huge threat to the Amamizukan tenants’ livelihood, they are willing to accept the help of Kuranosuke no matter how much they dislike attractive people or men.

The Amamizukan Tenants!:


Obsessed with traditional Japanese clothes and dolls. Her mother owns the building of Amamizukan apartments. Chieko happens to be a skilled seamstress because of her obsessions.


Obsessed with Records of the Three Kingdoms, a Chinese historical text with 65 volumes and 360,000 characters divided into just 3 books. She always references things from the time period that the books are written in and she is always loud and excited about everything.


Obsessed with trains. Has large natural Afro hair. Her ability to be able to very accurately judge the quality of food just by looking at it, has been named “Banba Scope”.


Obsessed with mature old men. She always hides out and gets around but trying to make herself invisible at the same time.

Juon Mejiro

Doesn’t really have an obsession like the others. Mejiro is seen as the leader of the Amars, but they must communicate to Mejiro by writing notes and sliding them under her door. She doesn’t come out ever due to social anxiety and has only been seen a few times by Chieko. Mejiro is a popular writer of a yaoi manga and she asks the other amars to help with the manga near deadlines. While the amars either don’t care for men or are just super nervous around them, Mejiro has a very strong dislike of men which is mostly the reason that one of the number one rules of Amamizukan is no boys!

The cover art and other artwork for this series is super cute and pretty. Everything including the lettering has a bubble shape to it which adds to the cuteness, along with the bright color choices.

The way Princess Jellyfish is told or maybe it is the setting and how the story takes place, this story can be very relatable and funny and it feels cozy because of the close friendships between all of the odd tenants who have at least a few similarities. The story is super cute but it is not boring at all, there is always something going on in the story and you won’t be able to put it down! The story will have you wondering what happens next or if there could possibly be any solution to what is happening at the time.

I hope you enjoy Princess Jellyfish and all of its beautiful and awkward glory.


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