Kevin Oh in Superband

Earlier this year, JTBC released a new competition program known as ‘Superband’. The show brought on artists that competed for a chance to be put together with other artists. Kpop Idols, classical musicians, indie band artists, and closet musicians came together for this chance. The show was created in hopes that music lovers would show more support to band culture.

Newer musician and winner of Superstar K7, Kevin Oh, was one of these artists. Auditioning with his self-composed song, Remember. Wowing the panel, he was an easy candidate for the show. Kevin later released a studio version of this song.
As he was mixed and matched with drummers, djs, pianists, and other guitarists and vocalists, Kevin showed off his talents by performing stylishly rearranged pop songs such as Beyoncé’s Halo and Owl City’s Fireflies.

Kevin Oh and his mixed group, named AfterMoon, managed to make it to the finale with five other groups. Unfortunately, they were eliminated and were not among the top five bands to go on the Superband tour through South Korea. Many of Kevin and AfterMoon’s performances, as well as the performances of the other contenders, can be found on YouTube.

~ Kimi

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