Kevin’s Double Date Podcast

Every day from noon to 2pm KST, TBS has a live English speaking podcast hosted by the talented singer, Kevin Oh, and on the weekends rapper

KillagramZ, as well as cohosts like Alexander (formerly Xander of U-KISS) and singer/ songwriter Sobae. They discuss every nuance of life, like pet peeves, romantic holiday traditions, why they are single, and things that make you want to push back in relationships. They bring in weekly guests, like Ladies Code, Voisper, the Rose, and other k-pop idols to reveal their relationship habits and perform songs fitting to the theme.

Kevin learned for the first time about Black Day, the korean holiday celebrating singles and the traditions of eating jjangyeom, and learning the things that people do wrong to inadvertently ruin their relationships. He wooed his fans with covers of songs, such as ILYSB by Lany and his own original music. The show has even had its share of giveaways.

This weekend was actually the “last show” with Kevin, as he works toward his solo career and bringing more content out for his fans. Fans look forward to seeing where Kevin goes next!

~ Kimi

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