Muay Thai

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and dates all the way back to the Siam Empire in the 1500’s, most notably King Nareusan.  The King was captured in one of the many battles between Burma and Siam that happened during that time period.  Already being known for his hand-to-hand combat skills, he was given the opportunity to fight the best Burma had to offer for his freedom.  Needless to say, he was hailed as a hero upon his return to Siam.

Thai Boxing
Similar in style to kickboxing, muay thai utilizes elbow and knee strikes to devastating effect.  There are several techniques involved in muay thai, including:

Muay Thai Kicks:

  • Kradot Te – Jump Kick
  • Kradot Thip – Jumping Push Kick or Foot Thrust
  • Te Chiang – Diagonal Kick
  • Te Khao – Axe Kick
  • Te Klap Lang – Reverse Roundhouse Kick
  • Te Kot – Downward Roundhouse Kick
  • Te Tat – Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick
  • Te Trong – Front Kick or Straight Kick
  • Thip Khang – Side Foot Thrust
  • Thip Klap Lang – Reverse Foot Thrust
  • Thip Top – Slapping Foot Jab or Thrust
  • Thip Trong – Straight Foot Jab or Thrust

Muay Thai Knee Strikes:

  • Khao Chiang – Muay Thai Diagonal Knee Strike
  • Khao Khong – Muay Thai Curving Knee Strike
  • Khao Loi – Muay Thai Flying Knee Strike
  • Khao Tat – Horizontal Knee Strike
  • Khao Trong – Muay Thai Straight Knee Strike
  • Khao Yao – Muay Thai Knee Bomb

Muay Thai Boxing
Muay Thai Punches:

  • Kradot Chok – Superman Punch
  • Mat Nueng – Jab
  • Mat Soi Dao – Uppercut Punch
  • Mat Trong – Straight Punch, Cross Punch, Reverse Punch, etc.
  • Mat Wiang Klap – Backfist Strike
  • Mat Wiang San – Hook Punch
  • Mat Wiang Yao – Haymaker Punch

Muay Thai Elbow Strikes:

  • Sok Klap – Spinning Elbow Strike
  • Sok Ngat – Uppercut Elbow Strike
  • Sok Sap – Downward Elbow Strike
  • Sok Tat – Horizontal Elbow Strike
  • Sok Chieng – Diagonal Elbow
  • Sok Hud – Levering Elbow
  • Sok Ku – Double Elbows
  • Sok Phong – Front Elbow Thrust
  • Sok Ti – Striking Elbow
  • Sok Tong – Smash Downward Elbow

Muay Thai has also been featured in many movies and television shows, but also in video games such as League of Legends (Lee Sin), Mortal Kombat (Jax Briggs), Street Fighter (Sagat, Adon, Gou Hibiki), and many other popular video games.  Despite its popularity, it is important to remember that muay thai is a very dangerous form of martial arts; perhaps not for the casual practitioner but it can be fatal to a professional martial artist in the wrong circumstances.

~ Jordan

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