Sunmi’s Awards and Nominations

Sunmi is no stranger to being recognized as a talented individual. She’s been nominated for awards like popularity, best dance, best fashionista, style in music and more. Tonight we are showing off all her awards and nominations. 3702cbc6d41a93967e5df24fb9cce96bb7443330r1-560-967v2_uhq


2014 Sunmi won Best Dance Performance (solo) at the 16th Mnet Asian Music Awards.

2017 she won Style in Music at the 19th Mnet Asian Music Awards.

2018 was a big year for Sunmi. She won a total of 5 awards: Song of the Year (August), Best Music Icon, Artist of the Year (Singer), Best Music Awards and Best Female Artist.


2013 Sunmi was nominated for Best Female Artist and Best Dance Performance of a solo female.

2014 she was nominated for , Bonsand Award, Popularity Award, Best Female Artist, Best Solo Dance Performance and Best Female Solo.

2015 she was nominated for 4 awards: Donsang Award, Popularity Award, Hallyu Special Award and Song of the Year (February).

2016 she was nominated as the Best Female Dresser.

2017 she was nominated as the Best Fashionista, Best Female Artist, Best Dance Performance (solo) and Best Dance (female).

2018 was a big year for Sunmi. She had a total of 17 nominations: Digital Bonsang, Global Popularity Awards, Bonsand Award Popularity Award (2), Hallyu Speical Award, Best Pop Song, Artist of the Year, Female Artist Award, Genie Music Popularity Award, Top 10 Artist, Bonsang Award, Best Dance Performance (female solo),  Most Anticipated Female Solo Singer, Best Artist, Best Digital Song and Best Solo Dance Track!

This year (2019) Sunmi has been nominated for Digital Daesang, Popularity Award (2), Bonsang Award, Hallyu Special Award, Song of the Year (January), Song of the Year (September), The Female Solo Artist and Performing Artist!

Here’s to hoping Sunmi keeps up her amazing style and talents as we here at Weibuzz wish her many more awards and nominations!

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