Now You’re One Of Us

Now You’re One Of Us is a Japanese horror book written by Asa Nonami.  Asa Nonami is one of Japan’s most popular authors and has dozens of books to her name.  She won the first annual Japan Mystery Suspense Award in 1988 and the Naoki Prize in 1996.

AsaWritten in 2007, Now You’re One Of Us follows a young woman by the name of Noriko who has married into the prestigious Shito family.  Moving into their large house, she is shocked to learn that she must share the house wit husband, Kazuhito, and the other 7 members of his family: Great-Granny Ei who has tons of mysterious visitors, Grandfather Matsuzo who can’t speak, Gradmother Fumie who takes care of her husband, parents Kimie and Takeo who are overly friendly, and siblings Ayano and Takeharu who seem a little too close to be siblings. The Shito family is hiding a dark secret and it’s only a matter of time before Noriko finds out.

Overall, I’d give this one 3 stars of 5.  I found the twist to be relatively easy to guess and the plot line moved really quickly.  The characters were prone to overly grand displays of emotion and it was hard to keep up with them sometimes.

Despite this, it is an interesting read in that it gives you an insight into how Japanese customs shape family life.  If you’re looking for a short, psychological horror book then you’d enjoy this one.  Just don’t expect any anxiety-inducing thrills or sudden turns.

~ Jordan


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