3 Must Read Horror Webtoons

Tales of the UnusualTales of the Unusual

Tales of the Unusual is a Korean horror anthology by Oh Seong-dae on LINE Webtoon.  This one is one of my favorite Webtoons because you never know what you may be reading from week to week.  One story could be about dunking yourself in “beauty water” to lose weight only to end up turning yourself into soup or maybe about people getting sentenced to being a door instead of going to prison.

The art is realistic and the expressions in each of the characters really brings genuine emotion to the stories.  And though the individual stories aren’t connected, you can sometimes find small references to earlier stories later on in the series.

Ghost TellerGhost Teller

Ghost Teller is an interesting read because traditionally you see stories of kids gathering around a campfire to tell scary stories; but here we go one step further and ghosts gather together to tell stories of the awful things that humanity does.

I really like this one because QTT does an amazing job of bringing out each of the ghosts’ personalities out and the stories they tell showcase the different values each of the characters have.  The art style is really nice as well and the colours seem like they pop off your screen.


Chiller utilizes the LINE Webtoon platform to its greatest extent as readers are immersed in these interactive stories.  Best read on a mobile device with the sound on, readers are treated to a combination of sounds, vibrations, and sights to get the full experience of the story.

Each story is told in one episode but the authors pace the stories so readers won’t be confused but still get that chill down the spine reaction classic to a good story.  Each author’s stories pack a punch and it’s definitely worth the read if you’re looking for something filled with spooks around every scroll.

There are lots more amazing Webtoons, both horror and otherwise, on LINE Webtoon.  Tales of the Unusual, Ghost Teller, and Chiller are what I see as three of the best horror Webtoons on the site and are definitely worth the read this spooky season! Do you guys read Webtoons? What are your suggestions?

~ Jordan

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