Sunmi’s Composing & Songwriting

Sunn0c183a942ec4d430474bfde8c7dafdcb48873e27r1-540-799v2_uhqi is not only a talented singer, dancer, and performer, but she is also an amazing composer and songwriter. She has composed and written songs for herself and Wonder Girls.

Sunmi has helped write and compose the following songs for Wonder Girls, Rewind, Back, Fanded Love, Why So Lonely and To the Beautiful You. She’s written and composed her own songs such as Gashina, Heroine, Sire, Addict, Curve, Black Pearl, Secret Tape, Noir, and Lallalay.

She’s worked with some other talented artists such as  Teddy, 24, Joe Rhee, Frants, El Capitxn, and other various artists. Below we provided one of the many amazing songs, so the question is which is your favorite song Sunmi has written/composed?

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