Sunmi’s North American Tour

This past March, the Wonder Girl turned soloist, Sunmi, had her first tour across North America. The eight stop tour spanning across the US in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco to Washington DC and New York and Canada with Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. Fans raved about Sunmi’s performances, claiming her live songs sounded just like they had come just from the studio.

Sunmi pulled out all the stops on stage, with brilliant moves and amazing props, performing songs like Curve, Borderline, Burn, and Heroine. Besides her own songs, she added in covers of Toto’s Georgy Porgy and 10CC’s I’m Not In Love, giving them her own flair.

This concert would not have been complete without her signature song, Gashina, whose moves have been mimicked by both male and female artists alike on variety programs and interviews. She performed it with the fierceness and grace that made this song so successful. Ending the nights with an encore performance of her signature hit, fans walked away hyped and already looking forward to the next tour. No word yet for a 2020 tour, but with Sunmi’s work ethic and continuing releases of great music, I’m sure a new tour is on the horizon.

~ Kimi

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