Sunmi’s Television Appearances

FB_IMG_1572392949242.jpgMost idols are offered opportunities to show different sides of themselves through participation in variety programs, whether they be competition or lifestyle. Sunmi is no exception as she has participated in both. She was part of the cast of Secret Unnie with Red Velvet’s Seulgi back in 2014 and was a contestant on season two of Fashion King Korea in 2018.

The idea behind Secret Unnie is that idols will spend 24 hours together sharing secrets- and a bed- in order to find comfort in their fears and shortcomings. Sunmi was paired with Seulgi, and the two seemed to hit it off as fast friends. Sunmi opened up about some of her fears and struggles, one of which was how hurt she had been by fans malicious comments. Sadly, this is a subject that we are finding is all too common for our idols these days. The pair had become close after the experience, and fans shipped the pair from that point on.

Besides showing her vulnerable side, Sunmi also revealed her creative side by participating in season two of Fashion King Korea in 2018. Idols were paired with top designers to create stylish clothing and wow the judges. Sunmi competed against idols like Block B’s Zico and P.O, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, and Jung Joon Young for the title spot. Sunmi was paired with designer Yang Heemin and worked hard to show off her skills for design.

There’s no telling when Sunmi might be in front of the camera again, but when she is, you know we are about to see a whole new side of the brilliant woman.

~ Kimi

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