Favorite Sunmi Songs

1. Siren

I’ve loved Siren from the get go! It’s such a catch song and you can’t help to sing along as soon as you hear “Get away out of my face”! Sunmi has such a strong character in Siren and it’s hard not to fall in love with the song. This is one of the songs I listen to when I’m ready to fight.

2. Heroine

Heroine is my favorite era for Sunmi! She’s so beautiful in this video and the song is so powerful.  I really like the choreo for this song as well; I honestly couldn’t imagine anything else in the video.  It’s also really fun to let loose and run with the instrumental parts in the car XD

3. Gashina

I’ll admit…….Gashina took me a few listens for it to really grow on me.  The first time I watched the video, the face skirt was a smidge much for me.  The song didn’t really hit me right for some reason so I kinda wrote it off for awhile.  But I kept hearing it more and more and saw other idols dancing to it and slowly it grew on me until one day it was in my top songs.

4. Burn

I’m usually not much for synthy songs but man Burn hits hard.  We’ve all been hurt by at least one person and would like nothing more than to see them burn for what they did.  Well…….Sunmi has the perfect song.  It’s that right mix of upbeat rhythm and beautifully vengeful lyrics.

Sunmi has so many fantastic songs and it’s so hard to pick favorites.  These songs are mine……what are your favorite Sunmi songs?

~ Jordan

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