BM: President of the Big Tiddy Committee

Big Matthew
BM, or Big Matthew, was born on October 20, 1992 in Los Angeles, California.  He has two younger brothers and his mom is a clothing designer.

BM was majoring in Psychology in university when his dance crew competed in World of Dance.  It was the first time that his mom had seen him dance and she immediately signed him up for the Kpop Star audition.  Despite his poor Korean skills at the time, BM passed the audition and went to Korea to appear on the televised Kpop Star.  He went through three more auditions and was saved by BoA each time.

Debuting on July 19, 2017 as a member of KARD, BM represents the letter K and the King card.  The King card is strongest and most dependable so that makes him the most solid foundation of the team.  Since debut, he appeared as a special judge on Stage K with J.Seph and has also starred in ‘After School’, ‘Shall We Walk Together’ and ‘Video Star’.  He also produces his own solo music on SoundCloud and established his own clothing line: Staydium.

Favorite Food: French fries

Dream Pet: An Alpaca he could name BM Jr.

Favorite Activities: Taking pictures and exercising

Favorite Artists: Monsta X, CL, Jessi, Super Junior, Day6, and J.Cole

BM has also appeared in several music videos and has famously created the Big Tiddy Committee (B.T.C) whose members include Monsta X’s Wonho and Shownu, Pentagon’s Hongseok and the “Tiddie God” himself, Jay Park.

You can follow him on Instagram to keep up with all his updates, personal and musical, and stick with us this week as we highlight our beloved President of the Big Tiddy Committee.

~ Jordan

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