BM on TV

Not only has BM an amazing artist and producer, he’s also made several television appearances on shows such as Stage K, After School, Shall We Walk Together, and Video Star.

JTBC’s Stage K ran from April 7, 2019 to June 23, 2019.  Fans from all over the globe who cover kpop songs could audition to stand on the same stage as some of their favorite idols.  Participants, or challengers, represented their country and competed to perform with their ‘Dream Star’.  Only the top four teams would get to go to Korea to perform and the winning team got to perform with an idol.  BM appeared on episode 7 with J.Seph as a guest judge.

BM also appeared on the most recent season of Law of the Jungle.  He was part of the “hot bodies” group who went to Myanmar with the “scene stealers”.  He joined fellow member of the Big Tiddy Committee, Pentagon’s Hongseok, in showing off his sculpted muscles and proving why he was the president of the Committee.  BM’s goal in this season was to face tigers!

Shall We Walk Together aired on JTBC in 2018 and showed first generation idols g.o.d celebrating their 20th debut anniversary by trekking Camino de Santiago in Chile in a beautiful display of male bonding.  On the last leg of their trip, they were surprised by a visit by SNUPER’s Woosung, VICTON’s Heochan, and KARD’s BM.  They decided to also make the trip across the Camino de Santiago in order to greet their sunbaes and congratulate them for their 20th anniversary.

Shall We Walk Together
As mentioned above, BM also appeared as a guest on MBC’s Video Star and he was also an MC for After School.  He has such a fun presence on any show he appears in and I can’t wait to see what cast he will join next!

~ Jordan

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