KARD Tours the U.S.

Besides entertaining his fans on social media and dropping music on his SoundCloud, Big Matthew has been touring with the rest of the members of KARD. Following the Latin American leg of their world tour, KARD hit the US. Five cities in nine days. Being very blessed, I was able to attend one of the stops to see the big guy in action.

Besides performing the group’s well-loved songs, the co-ed group broke off into gendered units. This was one moment for Big Matthew to shine. He and J.seph came out performing a song they created together, and boy did it carry some badass energy! Then to really take the cake, Big Matthew did a solo performance with a song he wrote and produced himself. If his soundcloud songs and the solo songs don’t convince you of the man’s talents in music production, just know that he also produced KARD’s latest hit Dumb Litty. Whether you appreciate the songs lyrics or not, you cannot deny that the catchy beat gets stuck in your head and gets your body moving to its sick beat.

Big Matthew’s dancing was amazing as they performed through the evening, and they even kicked out a little Latin flair with Taki Taki and an Ariana Grande song. Whether Big Matthew struck you as an unusual candidate for being a k-pop artist or not, he has definitely been the backbone for this group. His personality really hyped up the other members on stage, and his dedication to learn music production to bring the fans more music has kept the group motivated to work harder.

Though, don’t get me wrong, the boy can be awkward as can be, and even made a blunder on stage that left him embarrassed and Jiwoo collapsing to the floor with laughter. But, I’ll leave that story for Friday’s article. Be sure to check it out if you’re curious about what happened.

~ Kimi

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