Funniest Moments with Matthew

Just like anyone else, Big Matthew is a big dork when spending time with his friends. Being a k-pop artist doesn’t change that for any of them. Some hilarious moments happen during social media streaming, others on stage. I’m only gonna highlight a few moments.

One friendship that has it’s hilarious moments is with Jae of Day6. On an episode of After School Club, BM taught Jae some dance moves. We all know that BM has some moves, but have you ever seen Chicken Little dance? Putting the pair together with a little music and hilarity ensues.

And those that follow BM on Instagram have possibly caught his joint lives with Woosung, or Sammy, of The Rose. Those two boys hype each other up and it becomes a sappy love fest between the two. Talk about bromance. And put the two of them with Jae on JaeSix and you have a hot mess in the best way possible. 😂

One of the best funny moments of BM’s career is his start for the “Big Tiddie Committee” in which he inducted Wonho and Shownu of Monsta X. Much to the hilarity of said members, when KARD and Monsta X shared a music stage, BM took that moment to hold up a sign declaring the “Big Tiddie Committee” was there. The moment Shownu saw the sign proudly displayed above Wonho’s head, the usually stoic leader lost his composure.

Even when interacting with fans, he’s had some hilarious moments. During the tour, there was a moment where BM and Jiwoo were speaking and some fans near the stage yelled out to him. He thought they shouted that it was one of the girls’ birthday and started to sing. They stopped him and told him that’s not what they said. So, he asked them to repeat it. His eyes got huge and he cried out “sign your tiddies?!?” And Jiwoo started laughing as he stuttered and turned a little red. He was like “well… umm… not right now…” the girls were laughing and going “no no no! Sign my TEE!” And he was like, “Oh! Sign your tee!” By this time, Jiwoo is on the floor, in tears. BM turned away from the audience, fanning himself. “Man, is it suddenly hot in here?” The audience was dying by this time.

While these are just a few of the funny moments, I know there have been many more. What have been some of your favorite funny moments with Matthew?

~ Kimi

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