Jessi’s Collaborations and Features

You can’t have a music career for seventeen years without having a few features and collaborations, right? Jessi had several, especially getting requests after she competed in Unpretty Rapstar. She worked with some of the best in hip-hop- Microdot, San E, Black Nut, #Gun, just to name a few.

Her first collaboration was in 2007 with an indie rock group callled “The Nuts” with a song titled, I’ll Be There, which was used as an OST song. She didn’t participate in any more features or collaborations until 2014, after her return from a five year hiatus in the United States. By then, she had begun to change her image from a sweet-voiced vocalist to an edgy hip-hop rapper.

She worked with Wheesung and Bumkey on one of their tracks as well as with artist Pharoh. And then 2015 hit and her name exploded across the hip-hop scene. She performed with fellow rap competitor, Cheetah, along with artist Kangnam from M.I.B, in an unforgettable performance on new competition program, Unpretty Rapstar, which was the female counterpart to Show Me The Money. After that, she worked with the likes of Dumbfoundead, the first generation group Turbo, Vasco, Heize… even JYP himself (Who’s Your Mama, which has hit 60 million views on YouTube). She even did a collaborated commercial with the k-pop powerhouse, BTS, for phone data plan cards.

Some of her more recent collaborations with artists like AOMG and HIGHR Music’s Jay Park in their song, Drip, and Wet with artist Flowsik, and Drippin with Ted Park (I’m sensing a theme here) have made her a top name for female artists in the hip-hop world. While many of the songs she worked on were hot, my favorite collaboration she did still has to be the 2016 hit Kwaejina Ching Ching Nane with Kim Young-Im and Crispi Crunch. The addictive track pulled out several remixes and easily gets stuck in your head once you hear it. Which featured song of Jessi’s is your favorite?


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