Jessi on TV

As Jessi’s career as an artist grew, so did her career on the television screen. Her first television appearance was in 2014, on Immortal Song 2 with her members of Lucky J. Then, she was still working as a vocalist more than the rap artist we know now. That side of her came out in 2015 when she became a contestant on Unpretty Rapstar, the female counterpart to popular hiphop competition program Show Me The Money. She became runner-up, losing to underground rapper, Cheetah.

After her run on the program, she guested on shows like Running Man and Happy together. She also competed on King of Masked singer as Miss Korea, where she performed Zion T’s Eat. She also was cast on Real Men in the women’s special. She received a lot of criticism for her behavior in the program, but had received encouragement from Super Junior M’s Henry to compete.

In 2016, she became part of the crew for Sister’s Slam dunk, where she spent time with the Unnies, who took her in as one of them. She also returned to season two of Unpretty Rapstar along with her competitor, Cheetah to act as mentor’s for that season’s potential artists. Not leaving her own musical talents forgotten, she competed on Duet Song Festival with Kim Seok-Goo as well.
Keeping her skills fresh, she acted as judge in 2017’s program High School Rapper, helping young artists hone their skills to reach their dream goal. Her last know TV appearance was in 2018 in Yo! MTV Raps, before she left her company and signed with PNation in 2019. I’m interested to see where we will see her next. But I know wherever it is, she’s gonna do thngs her way.


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