Jessi’s Solo Songs

Throughout her career, Jessi has released some bops! Starting in 2009 or as I like to call it, “The Golden Year”, Jessi released Life is Good as Jessica H.O.  This song really brings to life the musical style of the time as the 2000s ended.

2015 was Jessi’s biggest year in terms of singles released.  She released four singles that year: Unpretty DreamsI Want to Be Me, Raise Your Heels featuring Dok2 and my personal favourite Ssenunni.  Each of these four songs showcase a different side of Jessi but Ssenunni is my favourite by far.  It’s a hype song of the highest degree and the message behind it is that Jessi is apologetically herself and she’s amazing and beautiful for who she is.

The next two years brought ballads Excessive Love and Don’t Make Me Cry.  But we also got the anthem Gucci and it was straight fire.  Though the ballads were beautiful and powerful, it was nice to see Jessi release a fierce, fun song.  “I’m a bad motherfucker in the room” Jessi states in the song, and it cannot be denied that Jessi is an absolute queen!

In 2018, Jessi showed off her sexy,playful side at the beach in Down.  This was her last release under YMC Entertainment; she signed to P Nation in 2019 and released two new songs: Who Dat B and Drip featuring Jay Park.  2019 was the year of ho anthems and badass songs (including a beautiful, twerking Jessi and of course, who could forget Mr. Sex on Legs, Jay Park).

Which of Jessi’s songs is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

~ Jordan

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