After School Club

K-pop fans that have been around for a while are aware of the popular television program After School Club, or ASC for short, that airs weekly on Arirang tv. Shortly after Eric Nam signed with B2M Entertainment as a solo artist, he joined the cast as MC for the popular program.

At the start, he worked with LEDApple’s Jang Hanbyul as his co-emcee, on the twice weekly program. A year later, Hanbyul left and the role was replaced with Jimin Park, formerly of 15&, and Kevin Woo of U-KISS. These three artists became the iconic trio for the two years they worked together. Afterschool Club is an opportunity to introduce fans to popular and energetic artists. They had on guests from all ranges of groups like BTS, Got7, 2PM, BTOB, Madtown, F(x), Ailee, High4, JJCC, and CLC. What makes this interview program different from others is that the interview was often held through a variety of games and live interactions with followers.

Fans get opportunities to engage with them through google hangouts, where fans get to FaceTime the show and ask one or more of the guests a question or request some sort of fan interaction. They also would read out tweets sent during filming hours, taking polls or taking real time answers to weekly quizzes. They also had opportunities to talk through their Facebook corner.

Due to the popularity from Eric’s hosting style, the show expanded to a second day in 2014, called the After School Club’s After Show. In the After Show, we saw Eric interact with individual members in groups, like Brad from Busker Busker, Mark and Jackson from Got7, Peniel from BTOB, James from Royal Pirates, and Amber from F(x). These episodes were in more relaxed settings and were spent playing games that revealed more about the individual member’s personality.

Due to Eric’s sweet and funny nature, the program remained popular. Even after he left the show in 2016 (and was replaced by Jae of Day6), his roots are still firmly tied to the program. Many people believe his success in his music career was because of the fandom he built through this program. I believe that it may have given him a boost, but he remains successful because the quality of his music draws people in.

You can find clips and some full episodes of the show on YouTube. They will have you laughing and falling in love with the guests in no time as well as give you a glimpse of young Eric’s early start in his career.

~ Kimi

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