Eric Nam on TV

While Eric Nam is best known for his experience as an MC on After School Club, and his “marriage” to Solar on We Got Married, he has also participated in several other shows. For example, he was a contestant on the popular singing program, King of Masked Singer, not once, but twice. In 2015, he went as Hello Mr. Monkey, and again in 2019 as Broccoli. Both times, he stunned the audiences with his poignant vocals.

Eric has also participated in several travel style variety programs. Such as the popular show, Law of the Jungle, where he traveled with other celebrities to Mongolia to compete in more primitive surroundings. Similarly, he participated in shows like Wizard of Nowhere and Battle Trip, where they rely on little supplies, their wits, and the kindness of strangers to reach their destinations.

Another type of program Eric has been involved in was food oriented variety programs. He is the host of No Oven Dessert 2, a show where they teach you how to make food with limited ingredients and kitchen appliances. He also was a participant in the popular television program Grandma’s Kitchen in Samcheong-dong, where six grandmothers compete, using their own recipes, for two weeks in a pop-up restaurant. Celebrities like Stella Jang, Andy of Shinhwa, JooE of Momoland, and Kim Yongchul are also regular competitors with Eric, working as staff in these pop-up places.

He’s even done shows like the Yang Nam Show, an easygoing talk show that lets you see a different side to your favorite celebrities. Or check out Daddy and I, where celebrities go on a trip alone with their fathers.

It’s pretty easy to see that Eric isn’t afraid to put himself out there in the public eye. Whether it’s tasks that are physically challenging, or programs that endear him to your heart, he takes his roles very seriously. Check out any of his programs to see more of this amazing man.

~ Kimi

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