Before We Begin Tour

Currently, Eric Nam is touring North American for his latest album, Before We Begin. As some of the staff members got to see him on stage this weekend, we can tell you firsthand that he definitely knows how to put on a performance! Fans of all ages, races, and genders were there to see him live. Some even sat outside in the below freezing weather, bundled against the cold and wind, since 7:00am! That’s some dedication.

If you attend the second half of the tour, you probably met his opener, Frenship, a pair of laidback guys dressed in super casual clothing, relatable humor, and as they called it “emo music”. They even joked about how Eric’s fans are f**king nuts and followed that by “if you’re going to write a review on this, don’t tell Eric’s fans we said that about them” and laughed and said that we were some of the best people. Their music vibe was fitting for Eric’s music style, and my personal favorite was their song, Capsize.

Eric came out on stage performing one hit after another, filling in small breaks with anecdotes about his family. Especially his mother. While he confessed that his parents weren’t necessarily supportive at the beginning about his career choice, he lightheartedly told a story of his mother’s first reaction to seeing him on stage. His dancing was too sexy (if you’ve seen him body roll and rock those hips, you know his mama ain’t lying!) and reminded him that Jesus is watching. We all started to wonder if we should ask for forgiveness now or later when we saw the sensual choreography. However, his moves kept us moving too as we danced and sang along with his addictive music. And before the night was over, he made us all pinky promise to be there next tour.

From this experience, it was easy to see why he has been chosen to host so many programs and participate in many events. His presence definitely fills the room. To top off the experience, we got to meet the man in person. He was really sweet and made sure to give each of us some personal attention with a handshake or a hug and talked with each for a few seconds before we gathered together for our group photo. It was brief, but definitely memorable.

If you don’t get the chance to go this tour, be sure to check out the next one. Definitely worth the time and money to see this man! ❤️

~ Kimi

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