Movies featuring Jessica

Yesterday we introduced you to Jessica Jung a former Girls Generation member. Today we are spotlighting the films that Jessica has starred in four films over the years.

In 2012 she starred in I Am she played herself in a biographical film of SM Town. The film was a documentary that was about 32 SM Town K-pop artist and their journey to becoming stars and performing at Madison Square Garden.

Jessica starred as Qian Qian in a movie called I Love That Crazy Little Thing (2016) which is a Chinese romantic comedy about an editor who dreams of becoming a movie director and pursues his passion alongside his girlfriendmaxresdefault (Jessica) but they encounter memorable challenges and adventures.

Jessica then went to star in Two Bellmen Three in 2017 which she plays Mi Na Kim who is getting ready to get married and she and her husband-to-be have to put up with their families and the expectations they have of them.

Her final film which was also released in 2017 was My Other Home where is she plays Yang Chen. The movie is a biographical film for Stephon Marbury and is a Chinese-American sports film based on basketball and how Marbury overcame depression and rediscover himself in the Chinese Basketball Association.

So the question we have, which one are you watching first?

Below are a few trailers for you to watch!


~XO, Niki

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