Girls Generation’s Founding Member

Most people who have been into k-pop are familiar with SM’s power girl group, Girls Generation or SNSD. California native, Jessica Jung, was a part of the nine-membered group from debut in 2007 until 2014. From debut of Into The New World, through Gee, Genie, and other memorable tracks, Jessica established her role as main vocalist easily. Jessica was actually the first member to sign onto the group back in 2000, and had to wait seven years before the company prepared their debut. Girls Generation became one of the most iconic girl groups in kpop history.

During her career as a girl group member, Jessica participated in several subunit performances, duets and collaborations with other members in SM, including performances with her sister, Krystal, a member of SM’s group F(x). She even participated in Seoul Song in 2010 with other SNSD members and members of their brother group, Super Junior. She was also a popular choice for OST tracks in several dramas. Dramas like Wild Romance, To The Beautiful You, and Dating Agency: Cyrano are graced with Jessica’s heavenly vocals.

During her career with SNSD, Jessica had created a fashion brand, Blanc, that eventually caused problems with her vocal career. Due to time conflicts between her clothing brand and her idol schedule, friction grew between the lead vocalist and fellow members. In 2014, SM approached Jessica about needing to choose which she was going to make a priority. Refusing to give up on either, the company and her co-members decided to make the decision for her and asked her to leave the group.

Jessica made it clear on social media that her leaving was not by her choice, and SM only affirmed her statement by confirming that she will be leaving Girls Generation and will promote as a solo artist. Her last performance as part of the group was their japanese song “Divine”. Jessica has promoted her solo career up to now.

~ Kimi

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