Blanc & Eclare

South Korea is a hub for trendy fashion and amazing apparel. In 2014, Jessica focused her creativity toward this growing industry and launched her brand, Blanc. Although the startup of a new company was time consuming, and greatly impacted her musical career, Jessica focused on her brand.

Influenced by her mother and her love of fashion, Jessica created styles inspired by the major cities she’s traveled to around the world. She has an entire sunglasses line named after these major cities. Most of her style is designed in a modern-classic look, fitted to Jessica’s own personal tastes. Blanc means clean and crisp, and the clothing suited the company’s name. Everything is very clean cut and unique details only accentuate the overall look. The style is universal in appeal, and it wasn’t long before her brand expanded. She changed the name to Blanc and Eclare, with Eclare deriving from Clara, which is Latin for clarity and brightness.

Beyond clothing, Jessica expanded their products to skincare and beauty lines as well. Now, her brand could have you covered from head to toe. And with Blanc and Eclare now having over sixty stores spanning across the globe in places like New York, Vancouver, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, HongKong, and Taiwan, you can find a way to access these amazing products. As if the number of stores continuing to grow isn’t enough to prove her success, Blanc and Eclare products have been publicly worn by several korean pop stars. Red Velvet’s Irene, WJSN’s Luda, Dia’s Jung Chaeyeon, IU, Suzy, Yubin have all been spotted wearing the classic designs. Hyuna has even worn Blanc and Eclare for a magazine shoot promoting Triple H. The simple, understated style is popular amongst many.

Jessica has also used the line to work on many collaborations. In 2014, she worked with the charity “Help for Children” an advocate for the prevention and treatment of child abuse. This was a competition amongst fans to design a pair of sunglasses. The winning pair would be sold in the shops with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity. She also collaborated in 2018 with the famous Landmark Oriental hotel chain in Hong Kong, designing loungewear specific to the hotel. Keds worked with her that same year to design a limited batch of sneakers for New York’s fashion week, and the distinct pairs were auctioned off and signed by Jessica. She’s even designed bags for Zalora and Vogue and iphone cases with the growing company, Casetify.

Blanc and Eclare have worked with several other people, like model Irene Kim on her “Love Is Good” line. So, keep an eye out on how you might get your hands on some limited goods created by the stylish artist. Jessica’s flagship store here in the USA, located in Soho, was opened in 2016, and temporarily closed in 2019 for some renovations. It’s scheduled to reopen this spring, but I’m sure the lockdown has slowed that progress. If you get a chance to travel to New York, or maybe Tokyo, or one of the many other locations these sixty plus stores are located, be sure to stop in and check out the exquisite products they have in store.

~ Kimi

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