Art of Movement

Jay Park got his musical start at an early age, showing lots of interest in breakdancing and singing. His interest turned to HipHop and rap in his early teens, and he started to take on the challenge of music writing. In 2003, he was one of the first members to join Art Of Movement (AOM), a b-boy group based out of Jay’s hometown of Seattle. Even though the following year, his mother encouraged him to audition for JYP, he never left his AOM brothers behind.

After the fallout with 2PM and Jay returned to Seattle, he rejoined AOM and competed with them at several events. His participation with them at the Korean-American Festival event in New Jersey, called Project Korea III: KSA Cinderella Story alongside other growing artists such as Ailee and Clara Chung drew a lot of positive attention toward Jay and the small group of B-boys.

In 2010, Jay started a collaboration with fellow AOM member, ChaCha Malone, who would later become his co-ceo for an international artist company called HGHR Music. He also began to work out a mutually beneficial partnership with Dok2 and The Quiett called AOM & Illionaire, combining the efforts of Bboy and hiphop into one cohesive unit.

Jay’s popularity only brought more attention to the art of bboying and gave AOM many opportunities to join and perform on korean television programs, compete in festivals around the world, and to work with several hiphop and rap artists. Jay’s fellow member Hep even helped Jay created JayTV on YouTube by filming and editing the episodes. And you can see the crew performing in Jay’s music video for Joah at the studio of another popular bboy crew in Seattle.

Despite the fact that Jay’s popularity is what brought AOM into the spotlight, Jay has never forgotten his crew members’ support through all the ups and downs of his journey. As far as he’s concerned, this crew is like his family. He even has the name AOM tattooed to constantly remind him of the support he has and to keep him humble. He released a video in 2013 titled Art of Movement (filmed and edited by Hep), which showed the boys performing at Puget Sound in their hometown. While AOM has earned their place as one of the top b-boy crews in the world, Jay has happily worked alongside them in any way he can.

~ Kimi

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