Jay Park’s TV Appearances

Besides being a star on the stage, Jay Park is also a star on the tv screen. His most well known screen time was spent on Korea’s Saturday Night Live (SNL). In 2013 and 2014, Jay was a regular on the program, acting in several comedic strips. Whether it was cross-dressing with his fellow SNL cast members or acting like the ideal boyfriend with one “slight” flaw with the rest of the AOMG crew, Jay put his best effort into the program, gaining a lot of love and attention from fans.

Even though SNL might be where he was most widely recognized, he was also a regular cast member on the popular program Immortal Song 2 and MBC’s True Man Show in 2011 and 2012 respectively. He also worked as a professional street dance master in the competition program Dancing 9 season 2, where two teams of nine dancers, Blue Eye and Red Wings, competed to be the best nine, with one dancer ranked as MVP. Jay’s team, Blue Eye ended up winning the competition.

Following true to his passion for hiphop and rap, Jay has participated as a judge/ producer for both Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar, where hiphop artists and rappers from all walks of life, from underground to kpop artists compete for the number one spot. He partnered in season 4 with Loco and again in season 6 with Dok2, while he partnered with ChaCha Malone on Unpretty Rapstar 2.

He’s also been a guest on America’s Next Top Model, and competed on King of Masked Singer as Cold City Monkey. But, his most recent television appearances have been that as a judge on Asia’s Got Talent, a program originally created in the USA by British Entertainment agent, Simon Cowell. The program now has shows in several countries all over the world. Jay is a favorite amongst young competitors and has even been drawn on stage to show a little of his own skills in front of the camera. In all honesty, he’s a great balance with the other judges and does well with being fair when deciding contestants’ fates.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to see Jay in front of the camera as well as being on the stage. I can’t wait to see where we might see him next. My personal choice would be to see him on Hyenas on the Keyboard. I think he would be a fun and interesting addition to such a talented program. What show would you like to see Jay in next?

~ Kimi

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