Jay’s Endorsements

Jay Park’s talents and attractive looks garnered him plenty of opportunities to endorse different products throughout his career. In 2010, during his te-introduction to Korea, Jay signed with Levi Strauss for their dENiZEN line alongside Ladies Code’s RiSe. The pair promoted through 2010 and 2011, even creating a remix of dENiZEN’s theme song.

After the jeans, KT Tech signed Jay in in early 2012 to promote the Take HD, the company’s newest model of mobile phone. He released a maxi-single with a promotional song for the new smartphone as well as mixes of songs from his newest album, A New Breed.
He also was cast as a supporting character in Lineage 2, an MMORPG alongside celebrities Jang Hyuk and Kim Suro.

He returned to endorsing clothing when Naver created their first Fashion Collaboration and Jay paired with artist 275C to create a t-shirt that represented Jay’s free-spirited style. He designed it with Seattle’s Space Needle and Namsan Tower side by side on the front of the shirt, combining Jay’s past and present together, while the back was dedicated to Jay’s bboy group, Art Of Movement (AOM), combined with Korean Assassins and Project Prepix Asia, another bboy group and a dance collaboration team.

Googims brought Jay on in 2012 to endorse and model for them and as soon as they did, their site would crash every five minutes as fans and consumers flooded their online shops. He garnered special attention when a bts of one photo shoot was loaded to YouTube, portraying Jay performing his unique choreo for Psy’s Gangnam Style. He also modeled for outdoor clothing line, Williamsburg, promoting through tv commercials and fansign events.

By 2016, Jay was promoting for both Nike and Adidas, as well as Umbro Korea. Dazed magazine also printed photos in their April article of his promotion of Police Sunglasses.

~ Kimi

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