Jordan’s Picks: Jay Park Edition

Jay Park was the first k-hiphop artist I listened to and, from the first song, I knew he was something special.  No one does it quite like Jay; whether it’s calling out the haters, hyping people up, or pure sexuality. These are my favourite Jay Park songs, both solo and collaborations/features!

In This B*itch

This was the second song I heard by Jay and there’s something fun about calling out haters and cracking jokes at their expense.  This song is absolute lyrical genius and no one will ever convince me otherwise.  It’s a really great song to listen to when I’m feeling frustrated because it helps me let out pent up aggression.

Ride Me

There’s just something about a guy crooning in your ear about his sexual stamina and how many ways he wants to have you…..enough said.

My Last ft. Loco and GRAY

My Last is one of the sweetest songs I’ve heard.  “Though you’re not my first, be my last.”  Every time I listen to this, I can’t help but to melt a little.  Watching the video always brings a smile to my face and the infamous doughnut hoodie makes an appearance! But seriously, if you’re looking for the soft side to Jay Park, this one is it.

Me Like Yuh

As soon as I hear “I’d even dye my hair blonde for ya / I can be your Justin Bieber” I just can’t help but to laugh.  Anyone who wants that sex god to be Justin Bieber has to be delusional XD

All jokes aside, Jay Park delivers a catchy song accompanied by an incredibly hot video.  I have a lot of fun listening to it and it’s one of my favourite songs to blast in my car with the windows down in the summer.

All I Wanna Do – English Version

As much as I enjoy the Korean version, I absolutely adore the English version.  It just hits different for me and it’s really fun to turn this up maximum volume and scream the lyrics, though perhaps not in the car.  Blasting this in the car with the windows down tends to attract some very odd looks.

Mommae ft. Ugly Duck

Being my first Jay Park song, I gotta tell you…..I was entirely unprepared for this video.  My friend showed it to me with absolutely no warning so I was very surprised to see so many scantily clad ladies with very generous ass…ets.  The beat drew me in though and I quickly decided it was one of my favourite songs.  Though I’m extraordinarily glad no one was ever behind me when watching this video in public!  I’ve very affectionately nicknamed this “The Ass Song” and I’m sure you’ll understand once you’ve seen the video.


I’ve mentioned it several times before but I am an absolute sucker for a good R&B sound.  I used to listen to a lot of Usher and Ne-Yo so to come across a song that reminded me of their style gave me a whole lot of nostalgia.  And getting to see Jay dance is always a novel experience XD


It would be INCREDIBLY remiss of me if I didn’t mention Aquaman.  A hot tub in a car? Jay dancing? What more could you possibly want? If you aren’t sold yet, then think about this……who doesn’t love a great song about the things Jay Park can do to a woman underwater??? Mr. Aquaman himself really lays it down in this song and solidifies his title as a sex god.

So there you have it….my top songs by Mr. Sex on Legs! Did your favourite song make it into my list? Let us know down in the comments!

~ Jordan

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